This is the beginning of a new adventure I started after traveling as a professional tennis player.
Competing in the 2000 Olympics, along all grand slams since 1990 and traveling 10 months out of the year for 17 yrs., I wanted to do pursue my other passion in my life.
While making my first bracelet when I was traveling, I thought
how exciting it would be to make jewelry full time.
After exploring many designs around the world, I had always made little crafts
and unique jewelry for friends and family members. 
After some time and thought and plenty of recommendations, I have decided to
make special pieces of jewelry out of my creative thinking which turn into special little treasures.
 As many people have said to me that I make wonderful gifts, I hope you feel the same.
Take a peek at my jewelry that makes perfect gifts for the holidays, special occasions
or just a little gift for yourself.
A little remark from  Jon Wertheim (Sports Illustrated)that was sent in from a fan :
 " Remember Nana Smith (Miyagi), the former tennis player?"
Caleb of Lavender Bay, Australia, called Nana's Jewelry to our attention.
 'Anyone who has beaten both Hingis and Davenport surely
deserves an unabashed product plug don't they?  Absolutely. '



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SAN DIEGO, CA, USA - Players go in many different directions after wrapping up their careers on the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour. Some start families, others pursue complete career changes - in the case of Nana Smith Rogers, it's both. Having traveled the Tour for over 17 years under her maiden name, Miyagi, Smith Rogers hung up her racquets but continues to pursue her other passions.




Custom made items will be made and shipped within 7-10 business days.
Ready made items will ship within two days.
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