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Unisex U.S Peace Coin Cuff Bracelet Size 8 (Large)

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  • 90% pure silver U.S. Coins
  • Each cuff has a nice patina added to the bracelet which brings out the gorgeous details in each fine silver coin.
  • This style of bracelet is very rare and you won't find this anywhere else.
  • Each bracelet is stamped with his own initials and with it's own limited edition numbering.
  • This cuff is a wonderful collectors item and will be fabulous gift for many generations to come.
  • All joints are silver brazed (lead free), not soldered resulting in a beautifully strong bracelet that will last many lifetimes.
  • For wrist size 7.5" - Length of inside of cuff measuring tip to tip is 6 1/2". Gap opening is 1". Total length is 7 1/2". This can be adjusted by 1/2".

 Circulated fine silver coins

1 silver u.s.peace dollar,[centre-piece]
2 silver half-dollar walking liberties
2 silver half-dollar ben franklins
2 silver george washington quarters,all with various mint dates.


If you like a similar cuff made to a different size, please email me as I will see if can be made for you =)

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