Healing Gemstone Meanings And It's Symbolism


This guide gives you a basic meaning of common gemstones that are believed to have hidden strengths. For thousands of years stones have been thought to contain hidden powers, both spiritually and physically, which can benefit the wearer.

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 Gemstone Meanings

  • Agate- deals with change, gentle and comforting, good for shyness and protection. 

  • Amazonite- Assist one in expressing completely and with love on all matters. Strengthens the ability to bring order out of chaos.

  • Amber- Is a powerful healer, drawing out disease from the body.  It absorbs negative energy and enables the body to rebalance and heal itself. It is said to encourange peacefulness and to promote trust.

  • Amethyst- stone of spirituality and contentment. Brings serenity and peace of mind. Amethyst is said to be an extremely powerful and protective stone.  It brings peace of mind and is the symbol of security.

  • Apatite- stone of clarity. Stimulates thoughts and ideas.

  • Aquamarine - stone of courage. Promotes intellectual understanding of ourselves and others. Is considered a soothing stone, helping to combat phobias.  It is said to ensure calm and tranquility.

  • Blue Lace Agate - stone of awareness. Facilitates reaching high spiritual places.

  • Blue Topaz - stone of communication. Brings the body, mind and spirit into union with the universe.

  • Carnelian - stone of protection. Protects against fear, promotes positive thought and stabilizes all energies.Is considered to be a good balancer, it is said to connect you with you inner self and to give good concentration.

  • Chalcedony- stone of compassion and good will. Enhances generosity and openness.

  • Cherry Quartz- stone of harmony. Balances the mind, emotions and relationships.                                                                           

  • Chrysoprase- Provides for an attitude of acceptance and non-judgement and allows one to be the recognition of fellow beings as equals-regardless of their station of life.

  • Copper- Copper is a healing metal. Copper has long been used as a healing metal, especially for arthritis and rheumatism. Copper has been used with blood and metabolism disorders. Copper acts as a conductor when worn on the body. Copper will help the healing effect of any stone when both touch the body.

  • Coral- Represents the ability to allow for flow and change in ones life and quiets the emotions.

  • Diamond- stone of purity. Inspires creativity and brilliance.

  • Emerald- stone of love and romance. Brings and enhances joy, cleansing and faith.

  • Garnet- stone of grounding and inner strength. Enhances internal fire. Stands for true friendship. Garnet promotes long lasting love. It prevents depression and brings courage and hope into seemingly hopeless situations. Garnet can stimulate expanded awareness and past-life recall.

  • Gold- stimulating and uplifting. Strengthens and amplifies energy in the body.

  • Lolite- stone of inner knowledge. Promotes spiritual transformation and encourages one to enjoy each moment.

  • Jade- stone of dreams. Manifests one’s potential and devotion to life’s purpose.

  • Jasper- stone of interconnectedness. Reminds us that we are not alone. Encourages joyous outreach to others.

  • Kyanite- stone of meditation. Aligns all chakras and calms the mind.

  • Labradorite- stone of intuition. Facilitates the transformation of intuition into intellectual thought.Has been traditionally used in mediation. It is a highly mystical and protective stone, a bringer of light. It is a stone of transformation. It is said to protect and cushion one's aura and provide wisdom and understanding.

  • Moonstone- stone of fertility. Nurtures wisdom and promotes positive feminine health.As it's name suggests is strongly connected to the moon and to the intuition. It is a highly prized gift for lovers and is said to arouse tender passion. It encourages lucid dreaming especially at the time of the full moon.

  • Onyx- stone of endurance. Guides positive decision making in challenging times.

  • Citrine- stone of radiance. Instills an inner glow of love, confidence and happiness.Promotes optimism, generosity and pleasure. Inspires confidence, will power and stability.

  • Opal- Is said to enhance cosmic consciousness and induce mystical and psychic visions. Opal is absorbent, reflective, and can pick up thoughts or feelings, amplify them and return them to their source. It is associated with passion, love eroticism and desire. 

  • Pearl- stone of sincerity. Instills faith, charity and innocence.

  • Peridot- stone of relationships. Brings openness and acceptance in pursuits of love and all relationships.

  • Quartz- stone of power. Harmonizes and aligns consciousness and emotions.

  • Rose Quartz- stone of unconditional love. Opens the heart center to all forms of love and acceptance.

  • Ruby- stone of passion. Brings spiritual health, wealth and wisdom.

  • Unakite- Helps to clear emotional and physical blockages, provides gentle release for things that inhibits one's growth.

  • Sapphire- stone of prosperity. Fulfills dreams and desires.

  • Silver- cooling and nurturing. Cleanses the body and balances emotions.

  • Smokey Topaz- stone of positive energy. Creates openness, healing and receptivity.

  • Spinel - is thought to mean "little thorn", derived from the Latin word "Spinella". Spinel gems are to increase physical vitality and help balance emotions and open the heart. Spinel is used to combat depression.

  • Tanzanite- stone of insight. Relieves stress. Restores calm, will and vision.

  • Tourmaline- stone of inspiration. Clears, maintains and stimulates energy of all chakras. Evokes self-confidence.

  • Turquoise- stone of healing. Uplifts, heals and cleanses the spiritual energy center and the physical body. Is one of the oldest stones known. If given a Turquoise by a loving friend that stone will protect the wearer from negative energy and bring good fortune.




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