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Why do my customers like buying from me?
  1. Custom made items will be made and shipped within 7-10 business days. Ready-made items will ship within two days.
  2. Unlike many pendants sold in stores, most jump rings are closed shut by just pinching them together but my jump rings will be 'soldered' using mixed sterling silver and 'lead free' solder.
  3. My jewelry is also made of pure .999% silver. This is not sterling silver, but pure silver. It is more valuable than sterling and does not tarnish like sterling silver.
  4. Each piece will be molded, sanded, placed into the kiln, tumbled, re-polished and then put together. It takes much work and time and know that your piece will be made with lots of love and care=)
  5. If your jewelry ever should break from wear and tear, email me and let me know. Most of the time I will be able to fix it for free and in some cases a tiny charge will apply. I don't mind fixing tiny parts and I want you to know that you can always come back for any adjustments.
  6. You can email me a drawing, or any special wording on how you like your words to be placed on your pendants. I try to accommodate all requests.
  7. If your jewelry is a gift and you would like for me to add a note, just email me after your order and I will add it to your packaging.
  8. Since I have many customers who buy for gifts, an invoice will not be added to the package. If you like an invoice please let me know after your order.
  9. Your jewelry will be sent in a cute organic packaging with pretty colored flowers and crystal pins, which are reusable and make for a wonderful surprise!
  10. And lastly, I'm a one woman show with occasional help=) I really love what I do and I work hard. In most cases I can make your jewelry within 5 business days, but there are times when I’m very busy and a full 7-10 business days will be needed.



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